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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

THE HOOD IS PRESENT: Presenting Mike Baggz

"I left the hood and came back and everythings the same. You know my status, Mr. Critically Acclaimed, tryin' to take over, revolutionize the game."
-Mike Baggz "We Even Now"

The hood just exudes from Mike Baggz, out of Amityville, New York, and you can feel it when you are listening to his music. Listening to his new video "Fine Night", it took me back to when DMX first came out. Ya know the old ruff ryder days before all the, well, you know. However, he's not just your average out the hood gangsta rapper. He is more than guns and drugs, and even though these things are mentioned in his music where needed, he has a plethora of other topics that he raps about. On top of all that, he can freestyle his ass off...check him out below...

Check out Mike Baggz new video "Fine Night"

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